Your country study project will consist of 3 parts:


Project Proposal

  • select the African country that you would like to study
  • decide on how you would like to demonstrate your understanding and learning (e.g. report, slideshow, a movie, an interview, crossword, word search, quiz, or baking)

Notes or Gathering of Resources

  • collect notes and pictures relevant to your country of study
  • record the sources where the information came from

Final Project

  • present your final project
  • begin with the country your are studying, the author (you), the country's flag, and a map of your country
  • here is a list of questions to help you begin your research
  • external image pdf.png Country_Research_Questions.pdf

Example Below


  • ||
    Map of Canada
    || Map of Canada ||
  • (
  • second largest country by land area
  • has a common border with the United States to the south and the northwest
  • the capital is Ottawa
  • has 10 provinces and 3 territories
  • with a population of 33,263,000 (2008 estimate)
  • English and French are its official languages
  • is a technologically advanced and industrialized country
  • relies heavily on its natural resources
  • relies heavily on its trade with the US
  • currency is the Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Prime Minister is Stephen Harper
Canadian Flag

Canadian Flag

  • English/French and its Aboriginal culture have played a big part in Canada's history
  • in recent history US culture has been an important influence due to its media and entertainment industry
  • some of the important symbols of Canada are: the Canada goose, RCMP, the beaver, the loon, and more recently the totem pole and inukchuk
  • ice hockey and lacrosse are the national sports in Canada
  • ice hockey is the most popular spectator sport with almost 1.65 million participants (2004)
  • has 6 teams in the NHL (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal)
  • ||
    Vancouver Canucks logo
    || Vancouver Canucks logo ||
Montreal Canadien logo

  • || Montreal Canadien logo ||
  • Vancouver/Whistler will be the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics


Project Proposal

I plan to research a report on the country Canada. I will include the flag of canada, and a map of Canada. In my report, I plan to create a movie demonstrating some important cultural events that sets Canada apart from the other countries in North America. I also plan to talk about some of the largest animals that live in Canada.