Madagascar is a island in Africa. It is about east of Africa.
madagascar_flag.jpgMadagscar's flag
Here Is Our Project: Madagascar by Priscilla and Lucia


Madagascar people speak the Malagasy language and French. Also, some people speak English.

Here is the map: (the circled part is Madagascar)

Their population is about 20,042,551 when they counted at July 2007.

About 75 % of the animals in Madagascar are only in Madagascar. Some of the animals are the Fossa, The fossa are a relative to the mongoose. They are a cross between a puma and a dog. It is amazing how "enemies" (cats and dogs) could make another animal. They like to eat meat. Also, they grow up to be 6 feet long and 26 pounds. Fossa is one of the largest carnivores in Madagascar. Now onto one of our LARGE birds, the Giant Coua. It is 62 cm in length but they can climb about 10 metres off the ground they have blue patches around their eyes and they eat seeds and small chameleons. Speaking of which one of the small chameleons are Peyrieras' Pygmy Chameleon. It is only 1-1.5cm long. That's not even the length of your pinky. However, what really amazed me is that this chameleon is not the smallest chamelon in Madagascar. Back to the Peyrieras' Pygmy Chameleon, or the Peyrieras' Leaf Chameleon. Did you know that it can climb about 6 inches off the ground? Cool eh? well, enjoy the pictures~

769px-Fossa_Carolina.jpgWrong Fossa -.-''belf_fossa.jpg Fossa!fossa-earthwatch.jpgScared yet?Fossacloseup.jpgHere is the close up!fossa.jpgRawr?!

Cuoa_gigas_xDDD.jpgOoh~ a birdie~ A Giant Birdie~Oh wait.. Cuoa Birdie~ A GIANT Cuoa Birdie!!!~~
coua6.jpg Aw So cute!~

shmall.jpgIt may seem big.......
peyrierasi.jpgBut really, their not even as big as your pinky!!!
brookesia10290082.jpgsee how small it is??


Peyrieras' Pygmy Chameleon:
Giant Cuoa (Cuoa gigas): [[ |]]

Proposal: Priscilla and I are going to study Madagascar, Africa (Lucia: oOoOoOh) (Priscilla: Oh yeH). Specifically, we are going to study the animals of Madagascar (Lucia: hehehehehe) (Priscilla: hohohoho) We are going to execute this by a slideshow (Lucia: sliiiiiiiiide~) (Priscilla: shoooooooow~)