May 14th, 2008

Welcome to Our Class' Wiki

This wiki is created for you to demonstrate your understanding of material we covered in class, present your work to a wider global audience, and have an opportunity to work in a collaboratively manners with others.

Before you begin, you will have to follow a few general guidelines on safe and responsible internet conduct.


- DO NOT SHARE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION in this wiki or elsewhere online.

  • Do not use your last name
  • Do not post any pictures of yourself in our wiki
  • If anyone (e.g. a stranger) suspicious tries to contact you as a result of this wiki, or elsewhere on the internet, please report it to an adult


- You will be polite and respectful of others and their work (Your teacher and many others will be watching)
  • Help and include others in your work and discussion as long as they are respectful
  • These wikis are places of learning. Contribute to them by asking thoughtful questions, share your observations, feelings, plan your assignments, demonstrate your understanding, and reflect on your learning.
  • Give your best effort in all your work. Try!

When you are done reading the expectations above, click on the discussion tab** above and reply to the subject titled "Safe and Responsible Internet Conduct"

Borrow from 'Pair-a-Dimes For Your Thoughts'